Lunch Break: Bill Cunningham, National Treasure

Bill Cunningham Karl Lagerfeld

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Imagine this conversation between Bill and Kaiser Karl.

Even the most seasoned of reporters get a little awkward and sweaty-palmed about approaching someone to interview, shoving a recorder in his or her face, and faking an effortless conversation in about 72 seconds for one, just one that's all we're asking, quippy quote.

There's no place where that's more true than New York Fashion Week—it's almost here!— when Lincoln Center is teeming with interesting notables squeezing in to catch a glimpse of the new shows, running on minimal sleep, Diet Coke coursing through their veins.

But of all the highlighted names we might run into, we're particularly delighted to see good ole Bill Cunningham toodling about. A national treasure! Don't you agree?