Introducing: Fashion Hazard from Condé Nast

condé nast fashion hazar
Photo courtesy of Fashion Hazard

Ever wanted to give the whole modeling thing a try?

Here's your chance, genetics notwithstanding.

Condé Nast has launched a game for teen girls entitled Fashion Hazard, available for 99¢ on iPhones or iPads. (At that price, even the most beleaguered assistant can splurge a little.)

The players travel through Milan, Paris, New York, and Paris, participating in fashion shows and dealing with all the snafus that come with the territory.

The avatar is Ellie Redburn from Kansas. She starts out in New York City and must complete a runway round-trip against time constraints and encroaching photographers, with no unfortunate public spills or embarrassing problems.

As Ellie, the player moves forward—hopefully to the other cities—by accumulating special powers in the "boutique."

Sounds risky!

You know who'd probably be pretty good at this? Penélope Cruz.

Are you planning to play? Let us know in the comments below.