4 P.M. Fashion Fix: Julie Delpy in '2 Days in New York'

What are your plans this weekend?

Allow us to suggest one activity: '2 Days in Paris.'

The film is a delight (we've seen it), and Chris Rock and Julie Delpy, on our list of top 15 Girl Crushes (somewhere around Amy Poehler and Jemima Kirke's placement), star in this hilarious send-up on Manhattan, the art world, and relationships.

Delpy, familiar to many for 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset' with Ethan Hawke (worth the views!), also wrote and directed the movie, and she is the embodiment of French insouciance and cool confidence. Sigh.

Plus, we've been rocking Grandma's vintage clip-ons ever since a catching the film. You'll see what we mean...