Around Town: Ethan Hawke’s Blood from a Stone Opening


Most celebrities—the smart ones—are still in warmer climes in early January, but we managed to find a few shivering around New York this week.

On Thursday the New Group “celebrated” its new play, Blood from a Stone—which stars Ethan Hawke—even though they’d pushed the official opening night back by a week. The guests had already been invited, and the party was booked, so what the heck? They could all have fun and not have to worry about reading the reviews in the morning.

The play is a dark comedy about a highly dysfunctional blue-collar family in a rapidly deteriorating house, complete with rainwater gushing through the leaky roof.

“The whole set is falling apart, and that’s the story, so you can’t really misfire as long as something collapses,” Hawke said.

Hawke has worked with the theater company before, as has co-star Natasha Lyonne, who plays his sister to great comic effect. Did anything about this family’s shenanigans remind her of her own relatives?“ Yeah. Most of it,” Lyonne said, grinning.

Before the play began, Billy Crudup was pacing at the theater entrance, sending text messages, when director Bart Freundlich, sans wife Julianne Moore, finally burst through the doors. “My date is here,” Crudup announced, and they made their way to their seats.

Also on hand was Chloë Sevigny, who removed her cold-weather wraps to reveal a slim black Donna Karan dress. “I wanted to be warm,” she said.

Sevigny is gearing up for the launch of her latest collection at Opening Ceremony on January 15. She plans to be on hand at the store, but, she said, pre-orders are available online.

The theater types at the party, including The Good Wife’s Josh Charles, Parker Posey, and Wallace Shawn, stuck around—all were still there when we left around midnight. The event was at a new space called 404, over by the Hudson Yards.

Earlier in the week, we hit the premiere of Season of the Witch, in which Nicolas Cage, playing a knight during the Crusades, spends much of the movie on horseback. This was his first time riding—so where did he have the most pain? “The lower back,” Cage said. “But I really have no complaints because I really enjoyed the experience.”

Co-star Ron Perlman had a similar problem after spending so much time in the saddle. “I found that I’m weak in the outer hips,” he said.

Shot in the Alps, the movie is full of medieval towns and a mountaintop abbey, so it seemed fitting that the premiere after-party was at a place called Landmark on the Park, a Gothic church on Central Park West.

Photo: Billy Crudup, Parker Posey, Emma Tapley and Bart Freundlich