L'Eau de Chloé Video Preview

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Nothing like a dreamy springtime shoot to help you pretend that you're not actually stuck at your desk in the dead of winter, wrapped in scarves because your boss won't turn up the heat.

So just wipe that runny nose, close your eyes, and imagine that you're model Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse, blissfully prancing around a gorgeous field to the tune of Lissy Trullie's "Ready for the Floor" in honor of the upcoming L'Eau de Chloé fragrance.

Shot by Mario Sorrenti, this is the first in a series of video teasers for Chloé's latest scent, which boasts springtime notes of distilled rosewater, citrus and patchouli.

As idyllic as that sounds, remember that winter does have at least one thing going for it: the mid-February launch of this alluring scent. Eau yeah!

In related news, Louis Vuitton has confirmed the launch of its first fragrance in over 80 years.