Women Wear Too Much Makeup at Work, One in Three Bosses Say

Photo: Lise Gagne/ Getty Images

Office face: Looking for a promotion? Might want to go a little lighter on the lipstick and liner.

Looks like it isn't just the military who's cracking down on our beauty routines.

According to a new survey conducted by, one in three bosses think that their female employees wear too much makeup at the office, the Daily Mail reports.

Though 12 percent of the 500 male and female employees polled said that women should wear at least some makeup to work, and a separate study recently found that cosmetics could make women appear more competent, it seems that a little goes a long way.

The survey found that 32 percent of bosses object to bold or brightly colored lipstick, while 28 percent found fault with heavy eye makeup and 15 percent weren't fans of generously applied blush. (Sounds like a Working Girl plot, we know.)

"Most of us try to look our best at work but sometimes people may go over the top to impress," an OfficeBroker spokesman tells the paper.

"As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what one person likes, another may well hate, but the common theme was that less really was more when it came to professional appearance. The bosses we spoke to had no problem with people making an effort to look good in the office, but sometimes had an issue with the quantity of makeup used."

Guess we'll just save those false lashes for the holiday party then ...

Meanwhile, a British school has banned makeup and even bathroom mirrors.