Chanel’s ‘Shade Parade’ Video

Chanel’s nail lacquers need little to no introduction (remember the frenzy over 2009’s Jade?), but here are a handful of good reasons to indulge.

The fashion house’s short film, “Shade Parade,” features a veritable chorus line of fingers tapping, tangoing, and high-kicking their way across stages and staircases, showcasing the latest lineup (and some old favorites) of polish shades.

Listed in the credits? Black pearl, Inattendu, Particuliere, Orange Fizz, and more. (Yes, really.)

Set to the cheery tune of “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, we’re more than impressed by these twinkle toes—er, tips—and their corresponding manicures. Dancing like that and not a chip in sight? We’re sold.

In related news, check out another video, in which Chanel cosmetics have a mind of their own.