L'Oréal Paris Reveals Hair Color Consultation App

Photo: iTunes
The color consultation app.

Color between the touch screen... There may be an app for just about everything these days, and L’Oréal Paris is jumping on the technology train with a mobile app called My L’Oréal Colorist.

A free download available through iTunes, the app is a simulated professional hair-color consultation.

Now you can face-chat with your mom, tweet your friend, instagram that puppy in the window and find your perfect hair color all on the same device. Really better get a sturdy cover!

Answer several questions and voila!, the digital hair gods will recommend a shade perfect for your strands, taking into account your desired permanence, tone and form (cream, gel or foam).

The app is compatible with five of L’Oréal’s hair-color brands: Superior Preference, Excellence Crème, Féria, Healthy Look Crème Gloss Color and Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look, so get a little creative with your next color change.

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