Get Silky Summer Hair With Black 15in1

Photo courtesy of Black 15in1

Black15in1 Twice A Week Shampoo and Conditioner.

Lazy summer beach days may be medicine for the soul, but they're a hassle for the hair. 

All that sun, salt, sweat and sand can take its toll on your hair and make for a whole lotta frizz and flyaways that don't really complement your sun-kissed glow and chic summer style.

Black 15in1 is the answer to keeping your hair healthy throughout the rest of your sun-filled summer shenanigans.

Designed to be used twice a week, Black 15in1 Shampoo and Conditioner will turn your tangled locks into silky strands. Ideal for maintaining hairstyles for up to four days, you're set until the next time you head to the shore.

With a high concentration of conditioning ingredients including sunflower seed extract and vegetable protein, the product works on all hair types and textures, leaving locks restored and healthy, giving them that natural shine that looks effortless, yet we know is near impossible to achieve.

Celebrity stylist and brand spokesperson Louise O'Connor told FashionEtc, "I love black 15in1 because It does so much in one product. It gives shine, eliminates frizz, has a small amount of hold if you have curl, it's a leave-in moisturizer, and it has SPF. So many people love it because it does what it says. It's not one of those products where you don't see results—everyone who uses it truly sees a difference in their hair immediately. I use this on every client every time I was and style their hair."

The black15in1 Twice A Week Shampoo and Conditioner is now available in 6.6 oz. bottles ($20 for the shampoo and $22 for the conditioner) and 26.4 oz. bottles ($40 for the shampoo and $44 for the conditioner), and is sold in over 1,000 salons nationwide and on Travel size bottles of the shampoo and conditioner are also included in the Signature Travel Kit, alongside black 15in1 Miracle Hair Treatment ($35).