Rita Hazan Launches Instant Root Concealer

Rita Hazan
Photo courtesy of Rita Hazan
Celebrity colorist/salon owner Rita Hazan with her Instant Root Concealer, $24; available exclusively at Sephora and Rita Hazan

There are few things more frustrating than pesky roots—just weeks after that impossible-to-get appointment, you’re already back at the salon, begging for a touch-up. Your color fades. Your wallet whimpers. The beauty world keeps on turning ...

But no more. After half a decade of research, celebrity colorist and salon owner Rita Hazan has created the solution: Rita Hazan Root Concealer, an instant root spray that can buy you weeks—if not months—between color appointments. Even better? It's just $24.

“I’ve wanted to create this product for so long,” Hazan tells FashionEtc, spraying the roots of her demo model (her adorable mother) as she talks. “My clients have been asking me forever for a way to hide their roots and make their color last longer, but there just wasn’t anything out there. So I decided to make it myself.”

The secret was all in the details, she says. The formula—which comes in four shades, from blonde to black—has special resins that stick to the hair so it won’t slip and slide down your hairline. Just apply it directly onto your roots, spraying very lightly, and it survives all the swimming and sweating you want to do until you shampoo.

“It’s so easy, some of my clients even have me fooled,” says Hazan. “I’m good about spotting color and what’s real, but a few of my clients have walked in wearing it, and it takes me a second to realize. It really looks that natural."

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