Model Daisy Lowe on the Pressures to be Thin

Daisy Lowe is known for her gorgeous smile, doe eyes, and being one of the "curvier" models in the industry. While Daisy boasts nothing but confidence on camera, Grazia's upcoming "body issue" covergirl sat down with the publication to discuss the pressures of weight in the industry.

"There have definitely been moments when I have been very upset at some shoot when the clothes didn't fit, and you feel horrendous about yourself," the supermodel said. "I can sit here and say, 'I love being curvy' — but of course there are pressures to be thinner. Stick you next to a fifteen-year-old Russian model doing the shows and [she grabs her bare thighs] these look like thunder thighs!"

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Daisy above!