Bettina's Take: Gigi Grazer's 'The After Wife' Book Party

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Gigi Grazer and Christopher Burch.

Charming, brilliant, and a great host, C Wonder owner Chris Burch opened his beautiful Southampton home on Friday night to celebrate the publication of Gigi Grazer's new book, 'The After Wife'. This is Grazer's fifth novel, the story of a grieving forty-something widow who learns how to laugh again and get back on her feet.

After helping myself to a glass of pink champagne, which looked as good as it tasted on a hot August night, I asked Grazer what motivated her to write this particular story.

"On my last book tour, for Queen Takes King, I unfortunately met a lot of younger widows. I was really surprised," said Grazer, wearing sleek chartreuse C Wonder pants and a pink leopard C Wonder top. "I thought, 'that's the universe telling me to make this the topic of my next book.' I listen to signs and symbols."

Grazer is currently working on turning 'The After Wife' into a TV series.

A line formed behind the Astro Twins for tarot card readings. They were insightful and fun, and may have even given fashion advice; after all, they write the horoscopes for What do they have in common with Grazer? They all own Bulgarian miniature dachshunds.

Alex Kuczynski, Russell Simmons, Monica Chiang (in her own design), Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani, KateBetts and Elana Posner were all on hand to nibble on smoked salmon, admire the perfectly manicured grounds, and congratulate Grazer.

Lovely beginning to a perfect Hamptons evening.