Susan Miller Talks Astrology at Express Holiday Party

Photo: Patrick McMullan
Susan Miller.

Walking into NYC's latest event hotspot,  No. 8 on West 16th, with 'Call Me Maybe' blaring amid crowds of fashion people, the vibe was more a party than a press preview.

Express hosted their Holiday 2012 launch last night at the new downtown space, with DJ Chrissie Miller at the turntables, 3D nail art manicure stations and Susan Miller on hand for live astrology readings.

Miller, who is famous for her Astrology forecasts published monthly on her website, AstrologyZone, has gained a strong following of fashion industry insiders since she founded the site in 1995.

After a little astrology-inspired mani, FashionEtc talked to Susan Miller about why the fashion world is so obsessed with astrology.

Susan told us, "So many designers put their heart on the runway. So do the editors in a way. We all see the runway on TV, that's a lot to look at, and the editors have to choose what to feature and what trends to focus on."

"I think fashion people love astrology because they are incredibly creative, and creative people love astrology because they are creative in the way they live their lives. They want to know how far can I push the edges of the room, what else can I do to make it more interesting, what's in the realm of possibility, how can I use my time the best?"

"Knowing astrology helps with so much. I never wanted the world to know I knew astrology. Time Warner gave me my first book, and that was nine books ago. I remember my first book. It's like opening up your wrists, it's like child birth, but you'll want to know more and more."

Now, can you tell us how we're going to get through fashion week?