Barneys Celebrates Christian Louboutin's 20th Anniversary Book

Blake Lively Christian Louboutin
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Blake Lively and Christian Louboutin.

At any fashion event, you’re likely to see a lot of red soles and towering heels clipping across the floors. But Tuesday night on the fourth floor of Barneys, the well-heeled crowd almost exclusively showed allegiance to one Mr. Christian Louboutin.

The party, which brought out the starry likes of Blake Lively, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Calvin Klein, was held to celebrate the shoe legend’s gorgeous 20th anniversary book (which is also honored in the department store’s show-stopping windows). But Louboutin divulged to FashionEtc that putting together the tome was no easy task.

“I realized, making the book, that I had very little archives, so I had to start collecting things,” he said. “I had almost nothing!”

No word on whether he tapped into Lively’s impressive stash—she told us she has “too many [pairs] to count!”—but the line of partygoers waiting for Louboutin to sign their copies indicated that the book was indeed a hit.

Ashley Mary-Kate Olsen barneys christian louboutin book launch
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen.

But on to more pressing matters: footwear. How did Louboutin pick which shoes to wear for his big night? “I looked at the wardrobe, and I was hesitating between going very spiky and going for tassels. I was so indecisive, so I ended up going with these ones!” he said, pointing to his shoes—a best-of-both-worlds pair with both his signature spikes and preppy tassels.

Lively, meanwhile, went with a pointy pump in colorful snakeskin, Ashley Olsen chose tasseled loafers, and Mary-Kate sported leopard-print booties.

"He's like my fairy godfather," Lively gushed about Louboutin, saying that the designer has gifted her with plenty of show-stopping pairs. Turns out it's also helpful to have a fairy godfather around when those beautiful shoes start to pinch: After leaving Barneys for a post-celebration around the corner at Le Caprice, Louboutin (to the great joy of the waiting paparazzi) picked up Lively and carried her right down the sidewalk.

Pain or Louboutins? It's not even a question...