Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress Stayed Secret - Here’s How

princess diana wedding dress
Photo: Getty Images
Princess Diana and Prince Charles on their wedding day

Keeping Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designer and style under wraps has been an undertaking of epic proportions—but according to Elizabeth and David Emanuel, who created Princess Diana’s equally epic bridal gown, keeping that dress a surprise was just as tricky.

Elizabeth was known ahead of time to be the designer for the 1981 nuptials, but the style of the dress was kept hidden. And that only made things harder for the couple.

"Whoever is designing this dress won't be going through the stress that David and I did," she told the Wall Street Journal.

The dress reportedly had its own safe in which it was stored every night. Royal wedding watchers were thrown off the trail with fabric fakes strategically left in the trash. A second dress was created just in case details of the initial one were leaked. (Here’s where Kate Middleton’s troubles one-up Diana’s: Kate reportedly has multiple backups!)

It’s expected that the latest royal wedding dress designer is using similar secret tactics, like banning mobile devices with cameras from the atelier and using different seamstresses for detail work so that the bare minimum of people see the entire gown.

The dress might be ready, but with four more days to go, can the world—and all the knockoff designers—wait?

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