Project VS: Vogue X VICE


Video: Vince Peone / Vogue

Opposites attract! That’s why Vogue and Vice are teaming up for “Project Vs”, an editorial collaboration showcasing videos, stories, and pictures of the best of both worlds.

"Vogue and VICE may appear to some to see the world through different lenses,” explains Anna Wintour, Condé Nast artistic director and editor-in-chief of Vogue. “But, in my view, both are fearless, breathtaking, with unquenchable curiosity and vigor. This collaboration with benefit from two talented editorial teams working together to produce relevant and exciting stories about the way we live now."

Vogue has long been known as a glossy, fashion heavy resource, while Vice has gained huge ground in the last while featuring the grittier stories of contemporary life. “Bangs” versus “Beards” as the video shows!

This 100-day project launches in early 2018 and will run across all the brands’ platforms, as well as on a new website. Each week will feature a different theme, revolving around current issues and their impact on all forms of society.

We can’t wait!