Kate Middleton's Nurse Left a Suicide Note

Photo: Zimbio
 Jacintha Saldanha


Ever since being found dead shortly after answering the prank call heard round the world last week, nurse Jacintha's Saldanha's death has been a bit of a mystery.

Though reports suspected Saldanha took her own life after answering the prank call originally intended for Kate Middleton at King Edward VII Hospital, there was clearly a piece of the puzzle missing.

Now, according to the London Evening Standard, Saldanha left a suicide note for her family before she died.

"They were in the dark about the hoax call. They hadn't watched the news or seen anything about it. They didn't know they were involved until after Jacintha's death," the family's representative, Labour Party MP Keith Vaz said. 

The hospital continues to investigate Jacintha's death, with the note being the first of many pieces they hope to uncover.