Coco Rocha and Olivia Chantecaille Talk Eco-Beauty at Christie's Green Auction

Photo: Patrick McMullan

David and Susan Rockefeller, Grace Potter, Glenn Close and David Shaw.

In honor of Earth Month, an eclectic array of eco-conscious celebs, philanthropists, art aficionados and the cream of New York City's socialite scene made an appearance at Christie’s Auction house for their third annual Green Auction: BID to Save the Earth.

Susan and David Rockefeller, Graydon Carter, Glenn Close, Nina Garcia, Angela Lindvall, Coco Rocha, Amanda Hearst, Lauren Bush, Hannah Bronfman, Olivia Chantecaille, Julie Gilhart and Wes Gordon were a few of the many names that came out for the eco-friendly fundraiser.

Dressed in their best cocktail attire, guests sipped on custom Grey Goose cocktails as they mingled and made bids on everything from a posing lesson with Coco Rocha to a day with President Bill Clinton. Glenn Close, who swore to us, "I'm not chic and the wrong person the talk to about fashion," was stunning in a black pantsuit she had worn on her FX series Damages.

Lydia Fenet of Christie's presided over the live auction, followed by a performance by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, who belted out the obviously appropriate “Nothing But The Water."

Before taking the stage, Potter, who called herself a true Vermont girl at heart, told FashionEtc how she keeps an eco-conscious closet. "Vegan leather, baby! Ask Stella McCartney, she knows. I like good footwear and you can just tell by smelling the shoe whether it’s good for environment or not."

Lauren Bush, also took a moment to talk to us about the best way to stay environmentally chic. "Aside from carrying a FEED bag, I think it's about making small decisions, whether it's buying something vintage that is essentially reusing or recycling clothes to friends...buying things that will last and [that] you’ll wear, instead of this notion of fast fashion. Going to back to slow fashion and making things last is very important."

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Left to right: Coco Rocha, Amanda Hearst and Lauren Bush, and Olivia Chantecaille.

Olivia Chantecaille shared the secret to her flawless skin (and it's obviously eco-friendly): "Rosewater. It’s totally organic, all-natural, makes you feel wonderful and smells delicious! I use it every day, all day long. Over makeup, under makeup, all day long, when I’m stressed, not stressed."

Swooping in right before the auction began, Coco Rocha gave us her go-to green beauty tip. "I don't blow-dry my hair but for the girls that do and want a nice wavy curl, wash your hair at night, put it in a bun of some sort through the night and in the morning you’ll have some sort of curl form. You don't know what you’ll have but at least you've saved yourself from frizzing your hair as well as electricity from your blow dryer and curling iron."

Sporting a blue ocean-themed tie to show his support for the event, David Rockefeller told FashionEtc, "I always try to wear a tie. I feel like it's the one thing a man can wear that's a fashion statement."

Mr. Rockefeller then took a moment to talk to us about what being environmentally conscious means to him and his wife Susan. "When there is recycling, we try to recycle. We don't keep a car in the city. We just don't need a car here and subways are wonderful, and when you have to take a cab you do. So transportation and recycling are important as well as choosing the food you eat; trying to make good choices so that what you’re eating isn’t encouraging people to grow food in an unsustainable way.

"I'm excited tonight because Oceana, Susan’s pet organization, stands to earn a lot of money tonight and that's so important for them. What I hope is that when the economy comes back, people will wake up and realize that the oceans are just as important as all the lands."

All $600,000 proceeds raised from the live auction will go toward benefiting specific water preservation programs internationally run by the following nonprofits, Oceana, Conservation International, Central Park, Conservancy and Natural Resources Defense Council.

Christie’s BID to Save the Earth initiative will continue raising funds online with auctions through April 19 at