Jessica Simpson Talks $750 Million Fashion Empire

jessica simpson
Photo: Getty Images
Jessica Simpson opens up about design process and working with her mom.

Jessica Simpson recently revealed four fascinating facets of her personality on Twitter, but one major one was missing: Savvy Businesswoman. Thanks to the smashing success of her eponymous fashion line of shoes, dresses, jeans, swimsuits, outerwear, accessories, watches, and fragrances—whew!—the singer raked in a whopping $750 million last year.

Unlike some celebrity designers who simply lend their name to a label, Simpson is actively involved in the creative process. “I’m in the workroom in [L.A.’s] Westwood a few times a week from 11 to 7 at night,” she tells Us Weekly. “Nothing goes out without me seeing it or my mom [Tina Simpson, her co-creative director] seeing it.”

Their collaboration works, Simpson says, because they are both brutally honest with each other—even when it comes to their own wardrobe. “We keep everything extremely truthful,” explains the former reality star. “If I walked in wearing something she didn’t like, she would tell me. And I would tell her! Like, ‘What the hell are you wearing?’”

With her music and movie career on the back burner, Simpson is focusing on being a businesswoman and being in love with fiancé Eric Johnson. “It’s really helped the collection!” she says. Currently planning her wedding—where she intends to don a gown that shows off her décolletage—Simpson was recently spotted browsing boutiques in London and Paris but insists she wasn’t dress shopping for her big day.

Instead, she was “inspiration shopping for the collection,” she says. “I have the best job in the world!”

Yes, you do. And are you looking for an intern?

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