Kate Moss's Misery Bear Obsession

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Photo: Getty Images
Cause celeb: Kate Moss and Misery Bear team up for charity.

It seems we're not the only ones who are fans of Misery Bear. The BBC comedy star—whose depressing life perfectly suits his moniker—has caught the eye of the one and only Kate Moss. The supermodel joined forces with the stuffed animal to raise money for Comic Relief.

Their video shows us a darker side of Moss, and aptly imitates Misery à la Stephen King.

After going door-to-door to raise money, Misery Bear happens upon Moss's abode. Following many drinks, the supermodel leads Misery Bear upstairs—to a room wallpapered with his photo. Finally, someone's taking an interest in him! If only it were that simple.

"I am always really happy to get involved on Red Nose Day and it was an honor to work with Misery Bear! Comic Relief is a fantastic charity and is close to my heart," Moss told British Vogue.

Red Nose Day is a fund-raising initiative that challenges people to do something funny for money. And, it seems, Moss has done just that.

Watch just how far Kate takes it.