Transgender Model Dressed as Michelle Obama On Candy Magazine Cover

Photo: Dazed Digital

Candy magazine, a relatively new publication that covers "transversal style," gets political with transgender model Connie Fleming starring as the First Lady on the cover.

With previous issues starring James Franco, Chloe Sevigny and Andrej Pejic in drag, the fifth-ever issue of the mag moves beyond Hollywood and fashion and straight to the White House.

With a headliner "The Candydate," Fleming is the spitting image of Michelle Obama, channeling the First Lady's style icon status.

Photographed by Danielle Levitt and styled by Brad Goreski, Fleming gets her Mobama on: signature bob, polished First Lady fashion, statement-chic accessories, and all.

The mag's publisher Luis Venegas, told Dazed Digital, "I especially love the cover story, which for the first time isn't a super-popular star, but a fabulous, beautiful black transwoman channeling a politician who looks pretty much like Michelle Obama. I remember back in early 2007 when the Democratic Party’s nominees were narrowed down between two "controversial" stereotypes never before seen for presidency: a black man, Barack Obama; and a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton. At that time, I thought, 'when will the time come when these archaic walls break down and the White House will be occupied by, for example, a black, transsexual woman?'