Are Elle's Kate Lanphear & Kate Davidson Hudson Launching Their Own Magazine?

 Kate Lanphear (left) and Kate Davidson Hudson (right)


Elle said adios to a number of editorial staffers this year, including style director Kate Lanphear and accessorie's director Kate Davidson Hudson.

While other Elle alums have announced their new ventures at various publications like WhoWhatWear and Du Jour, the Kate-duo has yet to provide any inclination as to their next move.

But now there are rumors milling and they're rumors to get excited about.

A source close to the blonde styling duo told Fashionista that Lanphear and Hudson are starting a brand new magazine called Editorialist set to come out next spring. 

Next-to-no details have been released (except for this very bare website), but should this be true we're curious to know who else may be joining the Editorialist team. 

Stay tuned.