Wear Your Dead Cat on Your Finger, Literally

A diamond ring made out of a cremated cat

We're all for being animal-lovers, but this may be taking things too far.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a company called LifeGem turns dead animal remnants into glistening diamonds, and cat-lover Natalie Pilon has the rocks to prove it.

Ms. Pilon took the cremated remains of her beloved cat Meowy and turned them into two diamonds that now sit on her finger. "It's a way for me to remember my cat, and have her with all the time," Pilon told the WSJ.

And Pilon isn't the only one to jump on the cremated-animals-turned-diamonds board. LifeGem apparently "has made more than 1,000 animal diamonds in the past decade, mostly from dogs and cats but also a few birds, rabbits, horses, and one armadillo."

Prices begin at around $1,400 and are based around the color and size of the diamond (not the animal) you are requesting.

Much like our pets, the diamonds are all different "because remains have some unique characteristics in terms of the ratios of elements, so no two diamonds are exactly alike."