Comme des Garçons Designer Collaborates with Hermès

While we continue to fantasize about the possibility of an H&M x Givenchy collaboration, here's a confirmed collaboration we can really get excited over!

Luxury label Hermès tapped Comme des Garçons designer, Rei Kawakubo, to design two limited-edition scarf collections, WWD is reporting.

The first collection entitled, "Noir et Blanc", will feature five black-and-white scarves, which will be offered exclusively in Comme des Garçons stores in Tokyo, New York, and Paris. 

The second collection, called "Coleur", will include six colorful geometric scarves sold at Comme Des Garçons stores in London and Tokyo. 

"During this joint project, rather than being guided by the idea of the scarf as it is worn, I became interested instead in the beautiful 'artworks' that the designs on Hermès carrés represent, and I sought to change them by adding elements," Kawakubo said. "By combining them with abstract images, we have transformed the carré and created a unique object."

Since Kawakubo is known for redefining and restructuring basic silhouettes, we have a feeling these scarves won't exactly look like a traditional Hermès scarf. But Kawakubo has had successful collaborations with brands including Alaïa, Louis Vuitton, and even H&M, so there's no doubt these scarves will fly off the shelves.

Expect to see each collection in stores in early February 2013 with prices ranging from $493 to $2,076.