Courtney Love's New Clothing Line (We Don't Hate It)

Photos: Courtney Love Twitter

Courtney Love's New Clothing Line, "Never the Bride"

Courtney Love may be a disaster in many areas of her life, but her new clothing line "Never The Bride" is all kinds of high-fashion chic!

Based on the photos Love shared on her Twitter earlier this week, the line seems to retain Love's signature 90s grunge aesthetic, but takes on a slightly glamourous (?!) 1920s vibe.

The inspiration? "This is the stuff that I would wear if I was young enough to not look like Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened After Baby Jane?'" Love said.

So what say you? Will you snatching up Love's antique-meets-grunge collection or leaving it to gather dust?

Photo Courtney Love Twitter