Vogue's November & December Cover Girls Revealed!

Photos: Patrick McMullan

Rihanna (left) and Anne Hathaway (right).

Magazine's usually try to keep their upcoming cover stars a secret until at least a month beforehand; but thanks to a little slipup by photographer Annie Leibovitz, we now know the two celebrities who will grace the cover of Vogue for both November and December! 

During an art show last month in Ohio, Leibovitz revealed to a fan that she shot both Anne Hathaway and Rihanna for back-to-back Vogue covers. Though Rihanna already shared (and deleted) the news of her cover shoot via Twitter, it makes total sense for the singer to grace the cover of Vogue's November issue as her album drops next month.

As for Anne? The newlywed stars in the remake of Les Miserables which is due out in December, making it the perfect month for her cover feature. 

Now, what do we think these two beauties will be wearing?