Barney's Warehouse Sale Comes Online this Fall!

Photo: RackedNY

Barney's Warehouse Sale

Say goodbye to getting in a physical fight over those 60% off Alaia heels at the Barney's Warehouse sale! It's been reported that Barney's will be taking their annual warehouse sale online this coming fall!

According to WWD, shoppers will be able to preview the sale online starting in August, which means the ferocious hunt for marked down designer goods just got so much classier. 

However, there is one concern to keep in mind. Ever since the Target site crashed during the Missoni x Target collaboration sale canceling hundreds of orders, we've grown a bit fearful that such a shopping debacle could happen all over again. Fingers crossed the Barney's server can withstand the hundreds of thousands of people swarming in on their site come sale day.

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