Alexander Wang Refutes Sweatshop Charges

Alexander Wang
Photo: Getty Images
Alexander Wang.

The lawsuit alleging that Alexander Wang operates a New York City sweatshop has taken quite a turn.

According to a spokesperson for Wang, the charges can be pinned on a singular disgruntled former employee of the company—who was recently fired for harassing his co-workers.

“The claims regarding sweatshop conditions are completely untrue,” the spokesperson told Women’s Wear Daily. “In reality, this case was filed by an individual who was let go by the company as a result of serious harassment issues. We stand by our decision to promote a safe workplace environment for all employees regardless of false claims that may be waged against us in retaliation.”

The lawsuit (which may potentially be given class-action status) alleges that Wang violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by forcing his employees to work overtime without compensation under harsh working conditions.