Crimes of Fashion: Marc Jacobs's Wanted Poster

Marc Jacobs's Wanted poster
Photo: Facebook
Marc Jacobs's Wanted poster.

Marc Jacobs knows how to turn just about anything into clever window dressing.

In the past, the windows of his Mercer Street emporium have featured everything from a mannequin wedding to an anti-President Bush display. Now, the designer is striking back against fashion theft with a Wanted poster in his storefront.

Back in November, about $65,000 worth of samples from Jacobs's Spring 2012 collection were stolen while en route to Paris. The crook's age, sex, hair and eye color, height and weight are all "unknown," but the poster states, "The thief is still at large and is now considered dressed to kill." (Look out for someone wearing candy-colored paillettes.)

And, conveniently, a $28 T-shirt has been created with the image. It's available on the designer's website, in case you'd like to take the message to the streets.