Agent Provocateur Gets Steamy With ‘The Muse’ Film (NSFW)

Still fanning yourself off after watching the racy ménage à trois action in Agent Provocateur's The Initiate? Brace yourself for the just-as-steamy sequel.

The lingerie brand has just released its second Spring 2012 campaign film inspired by soft-core French erotica (Part 3 arrives in April), and though the players may be fewer, their onscreen antics are just as titillating.

The Muse sees campaign star Mylene Jampanoï patiently posing for a portrait in white knit thigh-high stockings and a somewhat matronly loose nightgown. Not suprisingly, the bearded painter can't resist looking for "artistic inspiration" as he strokes her bee-stung lips and unties her nightie to expose a white lace demi-cup bra. Renoir he ain't ...

The scene ends with the artist copping a few feels as he slowly undresses his muse and pulls her in for an embrace, while she flashes an enigmatic smile that nearly puts the Mona Lisa to shame.

We're not sure what to order first—that white bra or an easel!