Barneys Launches ATM by Anthony Thomas Melillo Tees


Photos courtesy of Barneys/ATM

ATM by Anthony Melillo's men's V-neck tee, $72, and women's sweetheart tank, $62, and sweetheart tee, $68.

Sure, there’s love, loyalty, companionship and all that—but everybody knows one of the best parts about being in a relationship is the opportunity that affords you to steal your boyfriend’s well-loved tees.

Luckily, you don’t need to be coupled up to get your hands on these: ATM, a new line of t-shirts from designer Anthony Thomas Melillo.

Though he’s been in the business for over ten years and currently works with celebrities to develop branded clothing collections (he’s the creative director of Selena Gomez’s line for Kmart!), he recently started researching ways to create a truly perfect tee, even spending nine months developing three exclusive fabrications in in Peru.

“This is a passion project,” Melillo told FashionEtc while showing off his new retail space on the 8th floor of Barneys. (Though the men’s and women’s Co-op sections of the department store are separated, his little setup within sleek black walls is located directly in between.)

They’re perfectly soft, drape just so, and are just sexy enough with scoop necklines and shirttail hems. The boys have their own styles, but there are no rules here. We think scooping up a couple of each for yourself or your significant other sounds like the Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving…

ATM by Anthony Thomas Melillo retail between $58 and $82, and are available now exclusively at Barneys New York.