Gap Unveils 1969 Denim Concept Store

Gap Denim Concept Store Soho

Photo courtesy of Gap

Gap has unveiled its 1969 denim concept store in Soho.

"We wanted this store to feel like a boutique," Gap creative director Patrick Robinson said of the megabrand's new 1969 shop, unveiled at an editor’s preview February 2. The Soho outpost offers Gap's signature denim line, along with store exclusives and extra-special European and Japanese denim and ready-to-wear styles.

The shop, which replaces the Gap that formerly stood on the corner of Broadway and Spring St., is certainly a Gap aficionado's Gap, complete with wide skylights and fresh greenery, non-denim offerings that include a black strapless jumpsuit, and checkout counters equipped with four shiny iPads.

As for the 1969 denim itself? Let’s just say the legging jeans, curvy cuts, boyfriend jeans, and more are organized in a way that would make Cher Horowitz's closet jealous.

“Customers should have the option to spend time at our store,” Robinson said, “to pick the perfect fit and browse our iPads.”

Said iPads—besides being a place where boyfriends or other shopping accomplices can browse the Net while waiting for their significant others in the fitting rooms—are loaded with the likes of Vogue’s and Esquire’s apps for inspiration. Plus, of course,—where customers can order styles or sizes not available in the store.

“Denim continues to be the heart of this brand, and our goals will always be to create styles that are modern and sexy for our customer,” said Robinson. His personal pick for the season? “Definitely the new high-waist flare styles,” he said. “We offer a variety of different washes and styles that bring this '70s interpretation to a new and modern level.” (The editors at the preview certainly gravitated toward that wider leg.)

Robinson and Co. have been working for over a year to make 1969 a denim line just as covetable as any so-called designer line out there, and the company’s new store—the first of its kind—is a significant step in that direction.

“Our new 1969 store is [meant] to basically make our customer feel special while shopping for denim,” said Robinson.

Mission accomplished.