Helena Christensen Is ’70s Chic on InStyle U.K.

Lara Stone
Photo courtesy of InStyle U.K.
Helena Christensen on the March cover of InStyle U.K.

We'll have what she's having.

Model turned photographer Helena Christensen is back in front of the camera for the March issue of InStyle U.K., and the results are drop-dead gorgeous.

Looking fabulous at 42, the former Miss Denmark poses for lensman Mariano Vivanco with hair extensions worn in a slick ponytail and a series of silky '70s-inspired jumpsuits and dresses from the likes of Elie Saab.

The beauty also puts to rest rumors about her love life, including her link to Heath Ledger.

“I only really get annoyed by it in moments when I feel kind of down and vulnerable,” Christensen says.

“But I do get bothered by the fact that I’m linked to all these men I haven’t even met. Some were my girlfriends’ boyfriends and they’d cut her out of the picture and then it would be me dating them. Billy Corgan was one of those situations—my girlfriend dated him for five years. Josh Hartnett, we’re like brother and sister. The thought of us being together makes us crack up. Heath Ledger I barely even knew that well by the time of his death and suddenly I had dated him?”

However, she does admit to planning to visit Ledger on the day of his tragic death.

“He was actually an incredible photographer,” she says.

“That day, I was in a bookstore and found a photography book and was like, ‘Wow, he would love this.’ I hadn’t seen him for a while, so I got it and thought it would be nice to drop in on him, and then I got the phone call. I was like, This is so weird, such a random thing.”

For more of Christensen's shoot and interview, go to the magazine's Web site or pick up the March issue of InStyle U.K., on sale now.