Christian Cota Designs Collection for Diet Pepsi

Christian Cota

Photos courtesy of Christian Cota

Christian Cota's capsule collection

Diane von Furstenberg just lent her design skills to Diet Coke, but Diet Pepsi’s getting its own fashion twist.

Christian Cota has teamed up with the soda brand to create a capsule collection inspired by the soft drink, which will launch with his Fall 2012 presentation on Saturday, February 11.

“I wanted to do something that reflected the company from the 1900s to today,” Cota told FashionEtc at a preview of the collection at Lincoln Center on Thursday, explaining that Pepsi’s roots go back to the 1890s. “They gave me access to their full library, which was really exciting. I spent hours and hours looking through—and you can really tell which decade is which by the packaging.”

The collection includes a sweater with Pepsi’s signature blue and red swirl, a maxidress with a print inspired by the Art Nouveau Pepsi font in the early 1900s, and a mod minidress with an abstract plaid lifted from Pepsi packaging.

The greatest perk of Cota’s new collaboration, though, is of the thirst-quenching variety.

“I think this is my fourth one today,” Cota laughed as he sipped his soday. “It’s better than coffee for me! Coffee give me a stomachache, but this gives me the same energy—plus there’s bubbles! “