Prada’s ‘Folding in Love’ Video

Who knew the folks at Prada were such pinball wizards?

The label is celebrating its sunglasses range with Folding in Love, a campy new video that's more Atari than atelier as it follows a pair of animated black shades gliding through a galaxy of suitcases and colorful monograms.

"An interplay of reality and virtual games: Prada Presents Folding in Love, a brief and intense adventure of an object, in this case sunglasses, which is the flying lead character in a multi-level surreal journey," the luxury label says in a statement. 

"As befits the classic 'arcade' videogames, after traveling through multiple worlds in the Prada universe, the adventure ends in a romantic epilogue."

They're referring to the "meet-cute" at the video's end, which sees the black shades striking up a romance with a glam pair of white-framed sunglasses. Dare we say it's the cutest videogame pairing since Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man?