Glamour Hosts ‘Mobile Taxi Shops’ for Fashion Week


Photo: Getty Images

Buckle up while you shop.

During Fashion Week, showgoers are constantly inspired by the makeup looks going down the runway and the impeccably groomed crowds around them—but when beauty brilliance strikes, who has time to shop?

Glamour has come up with an idea to make picking up the latest lippy a little easier on us: shops inside taxis.

Don’t worry—you won’t have to share your already-crammed space with shelves of product. Instead, the experiment is all digital. Just swipe your smart phone across special tags inside the select cabs (which will be marked with ads that say "The Lancôme Taxi Shops") to purchase.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Glamour executive vice president and publishing director was inspired by virtual Tesco supermarket stores in the Seoul subway system, where riders can scan codes on the station walls to order products. "It sort of changed the whole perception of where you can shop," he told the Journal.

With L'Oréal playing Glamour’s partner in the project, we expect product from the company’s coterie of brands—from Lancôme to YSL Beauté to Stella McCartney and Giorgio Armani—will be on offer.

And did we mention that, in the taxis in question, rides are free? If we’re late for the shows, now you’ll know why…