Day2Night Heels Boast Adjustable Height

shoes with removable heels
Have fickle feet? Day2Night shoes come with five different heels.

Day2Night has unveiled a shoe that can go from flat to formidable thanks to five different heels that allow the wearer to adjust her height as she sees fit.

Available for $300 (and on sale for $149!), the black patent Marissa slingbacks come with a case containing five screw-on heels ranging in height from 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches.

Just think of all the closet space Imelda Marcos could save ...

Co-founder Candice Cabe envisioned the shoe after realizing that she'd packed an entire suitcase full of shoes for a business trip. (Yes, we can relate.)

"Candice realized that all of her shoes were essentially the same design with different heel heights and they were taking up a lot of space," Cabe's blog explains.

"She thought it would be great to have one pair of shoes that allowed her to interchange the heel heights … and her idea was born!"

And while making our business trips easier is all well and good, we're even more enthusiastic about how this will affect our nights out on the town Walk of shame? I don't think so!

Meanwhie, research shows that women inherit their love of heels from their mothers.