Pajama Jeans for Men - Read It and Weep

pajama jeans for men
Just a bad dream? Pajama jeans for men!

And this, ladies and gents, is what we call The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Proving that gender equality isn't always a good thing, pajama jeans for men have now become a reality, and, even more disturbingly, are now sold out online, The Stir reports. has been selling the "knit jean lounge pants" for $12.95, which buys you "the look of distressed jeans with the soft comfort of cotton knit" (the humiliation is free).

While one faded pair comes with faux tears and a worn-in appearance, the dark-wash version boasts "realistic designs of patches, rips, and what looks like your favorite pair of boxers peeking out the top; the back has the same great details."

Because, really, why commit one fashion crime when you can commit three?

Of course, we gals needn't be left out. The Lakeside Collection also has a version for women, which, as luck would have it, is still in stock.

Almost makes you yearn to be on Santa's naughty list, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, Joe's Jeans has introduced denim sweats.