Courrèges to Relaunch for 50th Anniversary

courreges relaunching for 50th anniversary
Photo: Getty Images
Better practice the Pony! Sixties favorite Courrèges is relaunching. 

It’s a mod, mod world—or, at least, it will be when Courrèges returns next month.

In honor of the brand’s 50th anniversary, new owners Jacques Bungert and Frédéric Torloting—who only just bought the company from André Courrèges and his wife earlier this year—are relaunching with a bang.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, an e-commerce site will go live next month, selling updated Courrèges classics and vintage pieces, while an in-house design team is working on seasonal collections. A limited-edition vinyl jacket—created in a run of just 50 pieces—will go on sale at Colette in Paris later this month.

“Objectively seen, there is a big gap between the small size of the company today and its huge notoriety,” Torloting told WWD. “So the brand needs to regain its level.”

The new owners plan to do that by reviving the brand’s signature scent, collaborating with Evian on a limited-edition water bottle, and launching a watch, sneakers, and possibly a skincare line in the future.

“Very quickly, in our conversations with Coqueline [Courrèges, the founder’s wife], we understood that the scope of this brand was much broader than couture,” said Torloting. “The house as a whole has been conceived to design products rather than collections. That is a unique trait of this brand, and we want to capitalize on that.”

You might want to dust off those go-go boots ...

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