H&M Teams with Swedish Hasbeens on Eco-friendly Shoes

H&M Shoes

Photo courtesy of H&M

The need for Swede: Two styles from H&M's latest partnership

Brace yourself for another Swedish love-fest.

Following its collaboration with Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling, Swedish retailer H&M has announced it is teaming with Swedish Hasbeens, a cult footwear label from—you guessed it!—Sweden.

Known for their eco-friendly, wooden-sole clogs—Maggie Gyllenhaal and Sarah Jessica Parker are fans—the label will release three new shoes exclusively for H&M on April 20.

Designers Cilla Wingård Neuman and Emy Blixt were inspired by '70s-era Swedish fashions for the new collection, which features a gladiator-style wooden wedge with three ankle straps (available in cream, tan or black); a wooden-heel summer sandal in cream or red; and a peep-toe slip-on wooden wedge with lace-up snake-effect leather.

The shoes will be priced between €49.95 and €59.95 (around $67 to $80 U.S.).

H&M Shoes

Photo courtesy of H&M

H&M is collaborating with footwear company Swedish Hasbeens.

"We have a strong belief in making better shoes for a better world," Blixt says.

"We want to make fashion more fun, creative and friendly to both the environment and people. We have loved designing for H&M! It’s a fantastic opportunity to spread the idea of Hasbeens and make these shoes available to more people around the world."

"I love the genuine feeling you get from Hasbeens, from the wood and the leather, and also how they take something traditional and Swedish and make it contemporary and modern," adds Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s head of design.

"These Hasbeens for H&M fit perfectly with the ’70s bohemian look that’s so important this coming season."

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