Zara Online Shopping Coming to U.S. in September

zara dress
At last! Zara is launching e-commerce stateside on September 7.

Mark your calendars and fire up the laptops ... 

Zara will finally offer e-commerce in the United States beginning September 7, Fashionista reports.

The Duchess of Cambridge favorite originally débuted online shopping last year, but, alas, only in Europe, however the newly launched shopping service does offer its fast-fashion wares at the click of a mouse.

Soon, though, stateside shoppers will be able to snap up wallet-friendly fashions directly from

In the meantime, we suggest perusing the site—which currently features the brand's latest designs, as well as price listings—to get a jumpstart on composing that shopping list.

Which reminds us ... how's that e-commerce coming along, H&M?