New York Clubs Crack Down on Dress Codes


Photo: Getty Images

Not so fast ... New York City clubs may not be so welcoming if your wardrobe doesn't meet their requirements.

Ever think you wouldn’t make it past the velvet rope because your shoes were four-inches tall instead of five? Well, think again.

With New York City’s plethora of places to party comes an equally long list of style dos and don’ts—whether it’s a ban on Ed Hardy or a sky-high heel requirement—there’s something for everyone ... or to keep everyone out.

“The ambience of the experience [in a place] is the people around you, so it’s important for us to keep those people fashion-forward and eclectic and interesting and engaging,” Ian Parms, an owner of the Mulberry Project, told the New York Times. For him, that means Ed Hardy is a definite no-go.

At Provocateur in the Gansevoort Hotel, plaid is out, as are stripes, in an effort to keep out so-called bridge and tunnel types. At the Continental in the East Village, baggy jeans and bling have been banned, sparking debate over whether the bar’s dress code is a strategy to keep out minorities.

Women aren’t exempt from the codes either. Michael Satsky, the proprietor of Provocateur, told the Times that to pass the door they must be sporting a “minimum five-inch heel. Christians are our favorite,” he said, referring to those conspicuously red-soled Louboutins.

Of course, not all bars and lounges are so specific. “There are people who can put together a T-shirt and jeans and sneakers and make it look as good as a three-piece suit, and there are people who can wear a three-piece suit and make it look sloppy,” said Tenjune and SL’s Eugene Remm.

But surely, a five-inch heel can’t hurt…

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