Giorgio Armani Spring 2011 Ad Campaign Stars Elisa Sednaoui


Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Lady sings the blues: Elisa Sednaoui in the Spring 2011 Giorgio Armani campaign.

Giorgio Armani welcomed a new face for his Spring 2011 ad campaign: rising model-actress Elisa Sednaoui.

Dubbed “La Femme Bleue” (The Blue Woman), Armani’s Spring collection was inspired by the Tuareg nomads of the Sahara. The Tuareg are known as the “blue people” because they traditionally wear indigo-dyed veils.

Following that thread, Armani steeped the entire collection in midnight blue. His monochrome plunge paid off, winning rave reviews from rainbow-weary fashion editors.

In the campaign images, Sednaoui appears in a Tuareg-like turban and vaguely tribal, oversize jewelry. Is Armani hoping to extend 2010’s urban turban trend?

The pictures skip between Armani’s two signature visions of femininity. A sequined evening gown shimmers with classic red-carpet glamour. On the other side of the scale: a double-breasted blazer layered over a flaring tunic and inky, tapered pants.

Renowned photographer Nick Knight shot the images under Armani’s direction. Strong shadows and gleaming fabrics give them a dreamy effect. The campaign rolls out in the February issues of magazines.

Sednaoui has been riding an updraft lately, being photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and chosen as a face for Diane von Furstenberg

Raised in Italy, Egypt and France, she considers Luxor her home base—a North African bond that’s ideal for this Armani collection. And with Christian Louboutin as a godfather and Luxor neighbor, just imagine her shoe collection!