Vogue Italia Launches Online Cooking Classes

vogue italia april cover

Vogue Italia has something cooking.

If there’s one thing we didn’t expect the fashion empire to include, it’s food—but Vogue Italia is setting out to change that with its new Vogue Kitchen feature.

The online episodes, announced on Twitter by editor in chief Franca Sozzani, will offer cooking tutorials of “fast, delicious and, above all, healthy recipes” in Italian (with English subtitles!), presented by a gorgeous red-lipsticked chef introduced as Sofia.

First up? Cream of pumpkin soup (which, incidentally, includes no cream, just pureed pumpkin with sautéed leeks) topped with a seared scallop.

In fact, the Vogue Kitchen seems appropriately concerned with making sure you can eat well and still fit into your sleekest Dolce number; the feature includes tips on why the soup is so healthy.

“Eating pumpkin is good for your skin, because it contains beta-carotene, forerunner of vitamin A, powerful antioxidant, useful against free radicals and oxidant stress,” the text reads. “Plus it’s full of fibers and minerals like calcium and potassium, very important for bones and muscles ... It contains a high percentage of water and because of that it is easy to digest, especially if steamed.”

The feature also offers breakfast and lunch tips for eating chic all day long.

Buon appetito!