Julia Restoin Roitfeld Models (and Interviews) Tom Ford for V Magazine

Dennis Gagnon Fashion Show

Photo courtesy of V Magazine

Julia Restoin Roitfeld photographs herself in Tom Ford dresses for issue No. 69 of V Magazine.

Carine Roitfeld may not be working with Tom Ford yet but someone very near and dear to her is.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld, daughter of the soon-to-be-former editor of French Vogue, dons Ford’s hotly anticipated womenswear collection in a series of self-portraits for the latest issue of V Magazine.

In addition to photographing herself in the covetable designs—including a blue fringe dress and a racy number with a sheer black bodice—the 30-year-old beauty also interviews the man who hired her to front his Black Orchid fragrance campaign (looks like she’s taking a page from Ford’s playbook with the one-woman show).

The main topic of conversation, not surprisingly, is the designer’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which was modeled by the likes of Julianne Moore, Beyoncé, and, yes, Restoin Roitfeld in a top-secret show in September before being revealed in the December issue of Vogue.

Yet despite the celebrity catwalkers, Ford insists the line is “real clothes for real women.”

“I want to concentrate on my real customer,” he tells Restoin Roitfeld.

“That’s why I showed idealized versions of her—different women of different ages. It was about individuality, different body types, women who have their own style.”

Saying that naming his favorite piece would be like picking a favorite child, Ford also talks about his return to womenswear and his non-New Year’s resolution.

“I told myself that I would not come back to 
women’s fashion until I felt I had something new to say,” the designer says.

Dennis Gagnon Fashion Show

Photo courtesy of V Magazine

Restoin Roitfeld in more Tom Ford-clad self-portraits

“I feel that fashion has become too serious and that the actual customer’s needs have not really been addressed.

“Fashion needs to make one happy. It is a luxury and should enhance one’s quality of life.”

Beyond “real women,” the director of A Single Man also designs for women with confidence.

“My customer has her own sense of style and knows herself well,” Ford tells Restoin Roitfeld. “My goal is to help women become the best version of themselves.”

That interest in self-improvement doesn’t extend to New Year’s resolutions, however.

“I believe in living life the way that you want to live it every day, and if you do that you don’t really need to have New Year’s resolutions,” he says.

That’s all well and good, but we’re still fixated on one major goal for next year: getting our hands on the collection.