Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Forever Ad Campaign - Exclusive!

lady gaga

Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Hitting the deck in heels and wings? That has VS Angel written all over it!

Who knew Victoria’s Secret Angels came in so many varieties?

To celebrate the launch of the lingerie brand’s new Dream Angels Forever bra—the print campaign was shot by Russell James on the Queen Mary in L.A.—Victoria’s Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman, and Lily Aldridge took to video to debate one burning question: What kind of Angel are you?

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Ambrosio says she’s a “fun” Angel, while Swanepoel’s self-described type is “sweet and vulnerable.” Lima calls herself the “Angel of wisdom," Aldridge reveals that she's the "mellow, laid-back California girl Angel" and Iman claims to be a "very very very good Angel."

The real entertainment, however, comes when the winged beauties describe each other.

Lima calls Swanepoel a “flirty Angel” (“Me?” pouts Swanepoel, batting her eyes), and Iman is dubbed the “baby Angel”—she is, after all, barely 20 years old. Ambrosio is called the “hippie Angel,” while Lima is deemed “sexy,” “bombshell,” and the “classic Angel.”

Coming from these women, what more endorsement do you need?

lady gaga

Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

The true meaning of feather bed? Behind the scenes of the new Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Forever campaign

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