Simon Doonan Sports Stilettos, Turban in Video

Without a doubt one of fashion’s most beloved characters, Simon Doonan is at it again.

The creative ambassador-at-large for Barneys New York (a new title he says with a smirk) hams it up for StyleCaster's cameras in a new video, fashioning himself a turban out of a Burberry scarf and striking poses in sky-high stilettos.

“There’s so much new stuff going on this season, it’s actually hard for a doddering old poof like me to keep track of it all!” he says, before going into a brief history of his personal style.

“I was a punk, I was a new romantic in pirate clothes, I’ve done it all. Whatever trend came along, I grabbed it like a maniac,” he says. “Then when I got to be about 45, I kind of reverted to my Carnaby Street, mid-‘60s situation, when things started to get looser and a bit more Austin Powers.”

“How do you find your own style? Be patient! Blunder through your 20s and 30s wearing whatever the hell you want!” he says. “Everything should be very experimental and not self-critical.”

After all, as Simon says, good taste doesn’t exist!

Watch the video above, and get the full story from StyleCaster.