Christopher Bailey Shares His Trench Coat Style Secrets

Photo: Getty Images
Christopher Bailey talks about the iconic trench coat.

Kiss those Inspector Gadget fashion moments goodbye.

Mr Porter has found the perfect person to provide guidance on wearing a trench coat with class: Christopher Bailey, the creative director of Burberry and the man who has made a living—nay, an art of—reinventing the label's iconic trenches.

Bailey sat down with the menswear e-boutique to offer up his personal styling tips but stressed that the beauty of the garment (designed as a functional piece for wartime) is that it can be worn either formally or casually and interpreted countless ways.

Still, he's not without his preferences.

"I wear different trench coats and I prefer to wear it open rather than closed, and I kind of fasten my belt at the back," Bailey reveals. "I prefer to kind of make it feel easy, you know, it's a bit more relaxed. In general, I don't like things too buttoned up. But what I like about the trench coat is you can wear it with everything …

"I think everybody finds their own way of wearing their trench coat. I kind of, in general, prefer the belt to be tied rather than buckled. I love it when the collar is up. But I also kind of love it when you see these formal city guys wearing it all completely fastened up and buckled and in a much more sartorial way. I think there's so many different ways of wearing it, and I think you have to find your own personality with it."

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