Jimmy Choo Returning to Jimmy Choo?

anna dello russo
Photo: Getty Images
Jimmy Choo, the man, could be returning to his namesake brand.

It’s been 10 years since Jimmy Choo, the man, was bought out of Jimmy Choo, the company—but according to new reports, it might be just about time for a comeback.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that Choo, who's still hard at work making shoes for private clients in London, is being advised by investment-bank and corporate-advisory firm Daniel Stewart—and that the strategic review currently taking place at Jimmy Choo, the company, might provide a way back in.

“Towerbrook [majority owner of the Jimmy Choo brand] is looking at its options for the business,” a spokesperson for Daniel Stewart said. “Mr. Jimmy Choo has hired Daniel Stewart so that he can assess his own options—and any ways that he might be able to participate in the process.”

While some sources doubt the company would even accept a bid by Choo (the split between Choo and the company’s president, Tamara Mellon, was famously not on the best of terms), others speculate that Choo might have Asian backers interested.

Choo isn’t the only one allegedly interested in a piece of the successful shoe brand, which launched a fragrance and a men’s shoe collection this year and recently collaborated with Hunter and UGG: Earlier this week, rumors flew that LVMH is considering a bid for the company.

Jimmy Choo did not respond to our request for comment. Watch this space!