Catherine Zeta-Jones Smolders on the Cover of InStyle, Talks Fashion and Staying Healthy

Photo courtesy of InStyle
Catherine Zeta-Jones for InStyle.

Stunning in a lace Nina Ricci dress, Catherine Zeta-Jones proves her timeless appeal on the cover of InStyle's December issue.

The 43-year-old actress tells the magazine, “I love fashion, love it, but I know exactly what looks good on my body. I’ve never been a victim of trends.” “I love clothes, and yes, we go out, but it’s not like I’m walking around all day in a neglige with fluffy mules. We’re country people, really. I garden and knit. I golf. We ride horses. I grew up in the country in Wales. It’s true, I don’t like the whole cutoff-shorts-and-T-shirt look, but I think you can look fantastic in casual clothes. I even find a way to make golf clothes look good; I put my collar up, get a sporty hat, and throw on an Hermes scarf.”

“I’m building a closet in my house now, and it’s like a dream. Racks on each side, a whole boudoir. I sit in there and watch CNN. Michael says one day I’m going to go in and never come out!,” Catherine told InStyle.

Catherine's daughter, Carys Zeta Douglas, told her, “My daughter asked me if we were going to have more kids. I said no. She said, ‘Well if you do, I hope it’s not a girl. I don’t want to share the jewelry.’ Smart kid.”

Zeta-Jones, who has struggled with bipolar disroder told InStyle, “It’s not easy. I’m not the kind of person who likes to shout out my personal issues from the rooftops, but with my bipolar becoming public, I hope fellow sufferers will know it’s completely controllable. I hope I can help remove any stigma attached to it, and that those who don’t have it under control will seek help with all that is available to treat it.”

Exercising is important to keeping her happy and healthy. The actress says, “I don’t have a trainer. Crazy, right? But I don’t need anyone to motivate me. I love exercise, even things like the elliptical and stretching. It really helps my mood too, which, with the bipolar thing, is important.” What she does: “I’m obsessed with hula-hooping. I do it for 20 minutes a day. I don’t use the old-fashioned hollow plastic kind we had when we were kids, but I discovered a new one at Danskin that’s smaller and weighted.”

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